Indominatable Government and It’s Ramifications

November 19, 2008

Spend, spend, and spend some more.  Our government is an indominatable spirit.  Somehow, it believes to spend money profusely is the best method to produce a working labor market.  Just spend, and It will happen.

Testimony to that is the effort being launched to bail out, to add cash to the banks and perhaps to the auto industry to shore up the bankruptcy ready to seize our econonomic soundess.  The defunct government is startled by Wall Street turbulence.  The government is crying, “We need to borrow more money to prop the economy.”  We need to protect our banks.  We need to protect our jobs.

Where are the economists?  Where are the strategists?  They have been dreaming of countless ways of making money.  The road to making money has led them to greed.  The ultimate question is: “What can be done to add to our products that will induce people to purchase them?

In the desire to reap profits, we have lost our ability to concentrate on how our resources are being supplanted.  Our greed is destroying them.  We do not consider how plastic products are surpassing our decency to benefit our people.  We resort to manufacturing plastic products with little regard to how they affect our health. Many people suffer from allergies.  Do we hide our knowledge that plastics cause allergies?  We have burdened ourselves wih manufactured goods that are enveloped in molded plastic containers.  Have these products been desirable?   They are difficult to open, and we need a special cutter just to open the containers.

Let us now consider hospitals. They’re supposed to be non-profit, but you know they have made millions of dollars as evidenced by their lavish building expenses. And hospital human resources are continually asking us for more money. To their credit, if a person pleads to make payments over an extended period of time, financial aid may comply and after receiving a couple payments, accepts them, and writes off the rest.  

Our office resources have been replaced by electronic and microsoft products.  We use computers to send e-mails instead of letters, and we use computers to play games.  We work at home with the computer instead of reporting to a business office.

We are gleeful and distracted about how it affects our society, how it affects our children.  Computers are here to stay, but we idealize a robot-living experience, and we do not recognize how these things manifest themselves in our lives.

Ah, but how wonderful this is.  We feel ecstatic about every new electronic product that comes to the market.  “The products create jobs,” we are told.” 

Governments are acting authorities in which they direct and control.  It is the organization through which a political unit functions.  The Executive government does not make policy; it makes decisions.  When the government loses its power to make decisions for the betterment of society, it has lost its authority to control.  This may be what is happening to our government right now in not controlling the greed of the market place.

I think of a quotation from the Bible that says:  “The lust for money is the root of all evil.” 

How beneficial are the rules, policies, and laws of Congress?  One benefit of our people was given to us by means of Social Security.  A law was made to have a portion of a person’s employment funds go to a fund to provide means for a person’s retirement at 65 years of age.  Even though Congress does not avail itself of Social Security (It has its own retirement funds), they do exact a portion of their salaries each month to cover the cost of living (colas).  Last year they gave themselves a $2400 raise; this year they gave themselves $400.

We are told social security is going broke. Is it going broke because they are paying out our social security? Or, is it because politicians are stealing from it to pay for pork and earmarks. Why? So, the politicians can count on special interest votes from their constituents.

We need a new set of politicans, ones who understand what it is like to be taxed and taxed and taxed to feed their own interests.

Is Congress supposed to represent us?  Then why do they benefit themselves with their increased salaries.  Why do they believe seniors on social security should not benefit from colas?   They are concerned about taking care of their family, but what about the people they have been elected to represent?

You know working for the government has to be profitable. Their salaries are higher than ours; their perks are higher; their retirement benefits are higher than most of the people they represent. This is not representation, it is “taking care of themselves.”  The middle class has been left out of the concern of their representatives, and the poor have no means of recovering from the poverty in which they have been born.  

Now financial planners are talking about lowering the prime interest rate to 1% for us peons. I believe the rich are still receiving high interest, don’t you? I believe they are getting richer and we are getting poorer.

 It is time for a wake-up call.  Is it not time to get back to representing all the governed?

Now the government is planning to bail out Wall Street, various corporations, and the auto manufacturers.  They are planning to do it with tax dollars.  Is it not our money that they will be using?   Will not every other corporation or business want government financial aid also?  How does government help us when we have financial problems? 

Truthfully, the family unit has to stay on a budget.  They cannot spend more than they earn.  They cannot bear the brunt of paying for Wall Street executives, they cannot bail out corporations.  They cannot be burdened with higher taxes or they will fall just like the government has.

What is wrong with corporations having to go bankrupt when they spend too much?  Why do they pay CEO’s astronomical salaries, bonuses, and perks?  Are they better than everyone else?  Are they superior?  Do we owe them for their living status? 

What are we going to do about the turmoil we are now in?  Is there a way out?  The Bible gives us a way out if we want to learn what it is.  But you have to put yourself in a trusting position and look to someone who knows the answers.

And I do not mean Santa Claus.  Many people laugh and scoff at trusting in God, but He alone is the answer.  No one else can help us.  But we won’t like what He tells us.  He tells us that “All have sinned and have come short of the glory of God.”  He assures us that we all, like sheep, have gone astray.  He also says “there is none righteous, no, not one.” 

Where does that leave us?  It leaves us in a desperate situation.  We can’t escape.  Except He did do something to help get us out of a terrible dilemna.  God sent His only son to help us.  We need not remain in this awful plight.  We can ask God to forgive us, to let Jesus pay for our sins.  Jesus was willing to do that.  He let Himself be crucified on the cross.  All we have to do is ask God for forgiveness through Jesus Christ, His son.  He ransomed us from Satan’s power and made us free to understand who He is, to know that He saves us.  It is up to us.  We have two choices, to believe what God tells us, or to believe what Satan tells us.  There is  no other way.  Which way do you want to go?  I want to go His way.  I have put my trust in the mighty power of Jesus. 

Who am I that a King would die in my place?  Would you be too embarrassed to ask Jesus to save you?



April 19, 2010

Are you wondering why the world is experiencing more earthquakes, why it is floundering in a sea of harsh economics, and why our United States government could not find common agreement in its health bill?

Have you noted the number of earthquakes our planet has experienced? There are not only more earthquakes, but they no longer are 5.0 or 5.5 in intensity, but now are 7.6, 7.8, or more.

Because of the great devastation many countries are facing, has the United States given less help to these new earthquake countries?

Not only is the United States experiencing economic problems, it seems to lack wisdom solving them. Our Government says we are improving, but our job market indicates differently. We have the highest rate of unemployment now and we are unable to create jobs for those who have lost them.

I am certain you are aware of the tremendous curtailment of airline travel because of the vast volcanic explosions in Iceland. The ash from the explosions had been released to a height of 7 miles. To have allowed auirplanes to fly would have allowed the engines to encounter dust that would fill their engines, the heat of which could have turned the dust into glass, forcing the planes to go down.

These are just a few of the many problems we as a nation and the world are facing. What is wrong? Why aren’t we able to operate in a meaningful way?

If we search our memories we can remember the Roe vs. Wade bill allowing women to have abortions; we can search for our moral values; we can search for answers but can find no way out of our dilemna. Why is it that we are unable to solve our problems?

There is one place from which we will not seek help — the Bible. Strangely, it has all the necessary solutions for our problems, but we do not want to go that route. We feel we have the answers to our problems within our own abilities. We want to leave God out, and we have done so to our detriment. Most of you will deny this is the problem. You do not believe there is a God, nor do you feel we are not causing problems by not seeking His wisdom.

The Bible says: “Everyone turns to his own way.”

I am 92 years old and I can remember the “way it used to be.”


Does God Speak to You?

August 26, 2009

Terror overtook me. I suffered a panic attack. For solace I turned to my Bible and read that the wolf came in sheep’s clothing. Was God telling me I was the wolf? I remember being drawn into a cyclical vision of this incident happening again and again to the point that I found myself engulfed in a situation from which I could not escape. The panic attacks grew more frequent. I could not eat and lived in terror. I prayed ceaselessly, asking God to show me the truth about what was happening to me.
Is it possible to really hear the voice of God? Do you have a story to tell about the time you actually heard Him speak to you? Would you like to hear my story?
First, let me say there are accounts in Scripture that elicit experiences people in the Bible have had when the Lord spoke to them. Just about everyone knows that Moses talked with God frequently. The five books of the Old Testament, written by Moses, relate the conversations they had together.
One of the many persons God spoke with was Samuel when he was a young boy. God called to Samuel three different times during the night while he was asleep. And each time Samuel ran to Eli, the priest who Samuel served, thinking he was the one calling him. Finally Eli explained to young Samuel that it must be God calling him and told him, “Go and lie down and if He calls again, say, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”
The Lord called again, and Samuel did as Eli instructed. Then the Lord spoke to the boy and said, “See, I am about to do something in Israel that will make the ears of everyone who hears of it tingle.” God gave further instructions to Samuel. And all that He told the boy eventually came true.
Perhaps you might say, “That was in the Old Testament. I don’t think the Lord speaks to us like that today?”
Can you be certain the Lord does not allow incidents whereby He speaks today to us? The Bible is a completed history of the past and the future. What about the present? Do you believe it is possible for the Lord to talk with someone today, even though it will not be recorded in the Testaments?
That question erupts from time to time by people who tell of experiences they have had. Some experiences appear to be credible when details are revealed; others seem to be false and lack the assurance of truthfulness.
Now I want to tell you of a true experience of mine. This is what happened to me.
In 1950 there was a remarkable snowstorm that began Thanksgiving Day. It snowed all day, all night and into the next day. Snow piled up as deep as six feet and higher in many places, caused by the screeching, unrelenting wind. It was so deep the young fathers in the neighborhood got together and shoveled the snow off the street for a good 300 feet so thy could drive their cars on it to go to the store to buy food and milk for their babies and children.
Plows were in demand and the streets remained inundated with snow. We could go nowhere. That was when at night I heard God speak to me. Before I tell you the rest of the unusual incident, however, let me explain what transpired a short time before that traumatic night.
About two or three weeks prior to Thanksgiving, the weather was mild. I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when I heard a knock on the back door of my house. When I opened it, a man stood there and said, “I have come to tell you about Jesus.” I opened the door wide and invited him in. We talked on and on about Jesus when suddenly the man said, “I believe you are one of Jesus’ sheep.” I loved Jesus and was elated to hear him say this.
He then handed me a book entitled, “Know the Truth and the Truth Will Make You Free.” Thankful, I did not hesitate to accept the book. When he said he would like to come again, I quickly agreed. He asked me to read the book so that we could discuss it the next time he came.
I was drawn to the book and couldn’t wait to get started. I decided to keep it on top of the refrigerator. And every time I passed the refrigerator, my thoughts gravitated to the book and I would read it.
Very soon, however, I became confused. In the book, I read that there was God, the Father, and there was the son. It seemed to indicate there were two Gods instead of one. I had been looking for truth concerning God, and I thought this book that the man had given me held the answer. I was drawn to read it to find out if that was the truth. I wanted to know the truth.
In my quest for the truth, I went to a church Bible study, but there were no clues that helped me with what I was seeking. When I got home, the man who had given me the book was there. He was talking with my husband and children. I asked him to say a prayer. I was surprised when he said he would not pray, so I said, “I will.” I asked Jesus to give us wisdom.
However, I did not give up reading the book. The time of the Thanksgiving Day snow arrived. The holiday was over, but my panic was not. When I was asleep, like Samuel, I was awakened late at night by a voice that called out, “Ethel, Ethel, wake up and burn that book.”
I wakened and remembered the deep snow. I talked to the Lord, “There is no place I can burn that book. We have no fireplace. There is no place in the basement I can burn it. I’ll wait until tomorrow.”
I went back to sleep. Again, the voice wakened me: “Ethel, Ethel, get up and burn that book.” I prayed again to Jesus and said there was no place for me to burn it, that I would do it tomorrow. I went back to sleep.
The third time the voice called with vigorous authority, “Ethel, Ethel, get up and burn that book or it will forever be too late!”
I shot up out of bed. I talked to the Lord and said, “Lord Jesus, you want me to burn the book. I do not know where to go to burn it. Please help me. I know of no place, but I will go down to the basement. Maybe you will find a place there for me to burn it.”
On the way down, I picked up the book, along with some matches. I was terrified, but I knew I could trust Jesus. When I got to the bottom of the basement stairs, what greeted my eyes was a cleanout door for the chimney. My husband had burned papers there a while back.
I placed the book, along with another one written in Bohemian, that the man had given to me for my mother-in-law. I lit a match, applied it to some papers to help burn the books, and watched as the flames licked around them. They were devoured completely by the flames.
I saw that man once more. He came to my house accompanied by a young girl. He saw my Christmas tree through the doorway and commented that it was wrong to have it. I tried to explain why I had it; but he pushed his way into my house and asked me to get the book he had given me. When I told him I had burned it, he became angry and wrenched his fists; his face turned livid.
I firmly believe if the young girl had not been with him, he would have killed me. But instead, he said not a word and angrily took the girl’s arm and led her out of the house.
I learned a lesson from God through this experience that I will never forget. The outcome of that lesson led me to a scripture verse of definite assurance of salvation. The scripture God gave me is found in Ephesians 2:8 and 9, “For by grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.”
Truth and freedom come only through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. We are not to add or detract from it.

Copyright © 2009 Dell Signet

Stimulating the Economy for the Rich

February 9, 2009

The stimulus package has been discussed, hashed, and rehashed, but this proposal will not make much headway in stimulating the economy.  At best I would say that this discussion is a good beginning.  But what we need to do is look back in history and see what has happened to the rich and the poor in the past.

I am 91 years old and have lived through the Great Depression and several others along the way.  The only experience I have had with all of the so-called stimulation of the economy is  just that —  stimulation for the rich. The only economic change is that instead of prices going down, they go up.

When we got through the  Great Depression, the economy wasn’t stimulated by the WPA as Roosevelt liked to believe; rather, it was stimulated by an act of war.  During the Depression, people stood in long lines to get free bread and food. In addition to that, the Depression lasted five years from 1929 to 1935. It was during this time that Hitler was promoting acts of war which led to World War II.

The World War enabled businesses to produce war products and people were called back to work. We purchased war bonds to help the war effort. The government rationed our food (such as meat, coffee, sugar, and flour) and oil and gas. And prices started rising even higher than they had been caused by the shortage of products. Gradually this is what stimulated the economy leading to high prices and big spending.

The end of the war was an exhilirating time of prosperity – at the cost of many lives. People purchased cars and homes, and businesses prospered. Jobs were plentiful.

So much for history. When the economy is stimulated by artificial means, as it was with the WPA, it does not lead to helping the people get jobs or helping them to be able to afford living, although it did help a minute portion of the population such as construction workers. But it did not help most businesses. Oh, no!  Economy is ideally stimulated for the wealthy.

Ask yourselves this question:  Who really suffers from a negative economy?  From my vantage point, I think it is really the lower middle class and the poor.  Think about the wealthy.  Do they limit their buying because they need to fear the future?  I don’t think so.

I have noticed that when prices go down, there is greater buying power for the lower middle class.  They probably still have jobs and are able to spend money to buy the products sold at lower prices in a defunct style of living.

The rich buy all the time.  There is never a time when they can’t buy, not even when they lose money on the stock market.  Wall Street does many things to encourage them to keep buying stock.  Prices soon creep back up for them

The common people are not in power and cannot make suggestions because no one listens to them.  They do not have a stake in making regulations or bringing about bills to legislate measures to enhance their lives.  Uh-uh, the orders created come from the higher, more supposedly intelligent members of society.

Government personnel has a way of planning for their futures, not for the lower or poorer common people.

When prices are high, they keep going higher until there is an overload. At this point not even the middle class are able to purchase their needs. There are now many people with money to spend and not enough of the common people who have enough money to meet their budgets. 

Consider it on a personal note: The rich people are happy to have the poorer class — even though some of them try to make us think they care about us.  After all, this country no longer has slaves to do the menial labor.  Therefore there is only one way to keep people working at jobs no one really wants to do. Keep people without funds so they will do anything to be able to survive.

Prices of food, clothing, and cars, keep going up.  Grocers try to get people to buy items they would not ordinarily buy by offering them coupons.  Why in the world can’t prices be lowered and forget the coupons?  It’s a lot of drudgery to cut them out of the paper, or find them on the internet, then go to the grocery store to find each particular brand and size, and finally hold up the line of people by presenting coupons. And many times, by the time you get to the counter some of the coupons have expired. Coupons have become the salvation of the  products. Coupons keep the prices higher.

Do the wealthy people do this?  Not on your life.  Unless they are the misers we hear about.

I believe with all my heart that this stimulation package being offered to us is just a smart means of raising prices again.  I notice prices have not gone down; yet homes have been foreclosed or are in the process of foreclosure. What we used to pay for a house, we now pay for a new car. Prices are so high we can no longer buy them.

Who benefited by the first stimulus packages?  You are right — Wall Street, and the banks.  Did they help the ones who had their homes foreclosed?  Uh-uh.  Even the CEOs received their bonuses.  But the hew and cry of the honorable congressmen and senators caused the bonuses to be cut back.

The wealthy people like money.  They like it because they can go to private restaurants, to private clubs, to expensive events without worrying about how to pay the price.  They also are able to get away from the common people, those who have no money. Rich people like to show off their cars, their boats, their  private clubs.  They don’t have to mingle with the common crowd.

If you do not believe what I am saying, I have a wonderful source of information and truth available to all who want to hear.  I call your attention to the Bible and to our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  When He came to earth to save us, He did not even have a place to lay His head.  He came from the most glorious place in heaven, down to earth, down to meet us at our level, but He did not refuse to meet with the common people  No wonder people who know Jesus as Lord and Savior love Him and value His life.  They want to be like Him.  Do you?

I bring to you the word of God, James 5:1-3 “Go to now ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.  Your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth-eaten.  Your gold and your silver is cankered….”

However, there is hope for us in Jesus.  If we take Him at His Word, and believe what He tells us, we can taste of His love and compassion.  He will bring us a peace we have never known.

Del Signet (c) 2/7/09

A New Way of Thinking

November 2, 2008

At the beginning of the year 2000, our government adopted a program for “no child shall be left behind.” Most of us were pleased that the educational bar was being raised and that all children would receive a quality education.

However we were not privy to what methods were to be used to accomplish this.  I remember being in my granddaughter’s classroom in 2002 on grandparents day and being shocked with what was going on in the classroom. Children were not sitting at their desks; they were walking around the room, talking to other students.  There seemed to be no discipline nor organized classroom activities.  And there was actually no recognition of grandparents being there at all.  Your student came to you and began telling you what was on his/her mind. 

I remember being uninformed with the confusing circumstances displayed in the room.  Imagine all the children talking to their grandparents at the same time and trying to show them what they were doing.  Actually, the students themselves didn’t have a clue as to what they were to do.  The students and grandparents all fumbled around with no precept of what was happening. 

This grandparent’s day was very different from the one that I attended for my earlier grandchild in the late 1980s.  There had been proper organization.  The grandparents all sat around the perimeter of the room while the teacher introduced herself and informed us of what was going to be presented.  My husband, now deceased, and I were happy to be there.  We were able to listen to what had been prepared.  We found out what they were learning.  It was a most enjoyable session.  

Not so with this third grandchild.  In fact, the training she received in the public schools was so inconclusive, her parents sent her to a special school.  She was there until she completed her elementary education and was assigned to high school.  While she was in the elementary and middle school grades at the special school, my daughter kept me informed as to her progress.

Now that my granddaughter is in highschool, I am learning nothing about what is going on.  All I know is that my daughter is doing more teaching of my granddaughter at home. 

I do not understand this new way of thinking and have deduced the following from seeing an internet article about the book, “Brave New Schools, Chapter 3:  (This was published by Marc Tucker and Shirley McCune.)

The first two lines of this chapter began with:  ‘The challenge to humanity is to adopt new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, new ways of organizing itself in society; in short, new ways of living. This was quoted from UNESCO (See Reinventing the World).

Another quote was from Dr. Doald A. Cowan, president emeritus of the University of Dallas.

Then the article skipped to a discussion in a classroom where an English class had studied Oedipus. It’s about a mythical king who feared a prediction by an oracle that he would kill his father and marry his mother.  The teacher gave a writing assignment to the children.  They were to use this oracle as a pattern for their actions.  I quote from this e-mail:  “You are going to kill your best friend.  This is destined to happen, and there is absolutely no way out.  You will commit this murder.”  Then the teacher asked them to write about what they will do before this event occurs, and to describe how they felt leading up to it.  They were to tell how they actually had killed their best friend.

I remember a long time ago, while my daughter was in school that the teacher gave the students an assignment telling them to write about being in a small boat at sea, with more people in it than could safely float the boat.  My daughter came home and told me about what they were to do.  The teacher asked a number of questions about how the students would feel if they had to push someone off the boat to make it safe.  Then later, when water was a problem, they were to tell about pushing another one off.

I was horrified when my daughter told me this.  But I am even more horrified in hearing this teacher telling a class that they were to kill their best friend and tell how they felt, and how they actually did the murder.

The reason I am writing this is to find out from others about what is going on in the classrooms in the elementary and middle schools.  After they get into high school, what have these students learned? 

It appears students are routinely being confronted with a strategy for resocializing and it is called “Mastery training.” In order to change a student’s way if thinking, the student is either praised or punished for what he thinks.

Is this the way our public schools are performing?  Do you have children in school who face instances such as the ones I mentioned?

There is a great deal more information on this website,

I certainly would appreciate your comments and suggestions as to whether we have an option to this Mastery Learning.

11/01/08 – Signet

Homosexuality and Gender Wounds: Are They Related?

October 20, 2008

          I still believe biology is destiny when it comes to gender identity: that at birth our differing physical parts determine whether we are male or female. But I do not deny that for some the gender they identify with differs from the genital parts they are born with. And so I must ask myself, what could cause such gender ambivalence? And is it possible to change the gender identity they have embraced to conform to their biological parts – and be at peace?

          I found it surprising when I first learned that for homosexual couples, one took on the masculine role, while the other took on the feminine. This made me wonder how a homosexual determines which role to take. I know each one of us is made up of both male and female traits. But if we are born male, the male traits dominate while the female traits recede. If we are females, the reverse is true. Without both sexes having these dominant and recessive traits, I don’t think males and females would be able to relate to one another. 

            So why would a boy wish to be a girl, or a girl a boy? Or why would a girl feel comfortable being a girl yet feel physically attracted to another girl? And vise versa. And why is there a conflict in some children, but not in others? I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination, just an observant parent who believes that homosexuality is wrong based upon scripture. So using this as my standard, here are my personal thoughts on the matter, which I share with you in hopes of encouraging you to help those who struggle in this area.

            For starters, let’s take a look at childhood. Many times when a child becomes gender confused, one of the siblings in the immediate family may notice questionable gender behavior of her brother, but dismiss it. Then usually that child’s friends and relatives will do likewise. Years later when this now young adult announces he is gay, these same friends and relatives will not be too surprised. For example, at my daughter’s grade school, Justin, a ten-year-old boy, very likable and quite handsome, tended to eat his lunch with all girls at one of the lunch tables while his eight-year old sister, Stephanie, cute and athletic, would be seen as the only girl sitting at an otherwise boys-only table. The school children were free to sit wherever they wished. But repeatedly Justin chose to sit with the girls and Stephanie preferred company with the boys. Surely the teachers were aware of a potential problem. One of Justin’s teachers tried to help him, but he handled it by trying to humiliate Justin to act more like a boy. He publicly mocked him in front of his peers during gym class and sports events which Justin sat out. Justin did become gay as he entered young adulthood. I have no knowledge as to his sister.

When you go shopping with a young daughter and she starts picking out more and more non-descript clothing, (non-feminine clothing), a red flag should go up. Many times we, as mothers or fathers, will scold a girl for picking inappropriate clothing as if forcing them to choose what we believe is appropriate will fix the problem. But this isn’t the root of the problem. Her choice of clothing may be showing you she doesn’t feel accepted for being the female she is; that she is beginning to feel alienated from those who’s acceptance she needs the most, and is subconsciously attributing it to her sex. 

I have a subjective theory for this change in behavior: that the confusion begins with an emotional wound that comes unintentionally from one or both parents — or caregiver(s) if such is the case. But I want to be clear about one thing: Emotional wounds are unavoidable. Any one of us can take something someone says the wrong way and become hurt by it. How we handle the hurt and seek resolution and reconciliation is what matures us. Children, however, do not always handle such situations maturely. It’s the parent’s role to teach and set the example.

            When a child attributes an emotional wound to his gender and hides his feelings from his parents, the wound can continue to grow as he ascribes more and more emotional pain to this cause and tries to suppress it. As he attempts to bury his negative feelings about himself, gender confusion manifests itself at a subconscious level. The child then begins to feel somewhat different from others of his sex. Then later at a critical moment when he is able to conceptualize the struggle, he may accept the resulting inner gender identity as fact over his differing biology, especially if society endorses it.  Some children may increasingly role model the opposite sex rather than their own, while others may role model their own sex, but find themselves physically attracted to their same sex rather than the opposite sex upon reaching puberty. Their conflicted gender issues may be more difficult to detect. 

      I have often wondered through the years if perhaps the following might bear some truth: Perhaps a girl – lets call her Judy — becomes emotionally wounded by her father, (perhaps because of what she feels is his aloofness or indifference or condescension of her), but feels some love from her mother. Eventually she attributes her father’s lack of attention toward her as due to her sex.  She is dismayed by how she feels about herself as a result but holds her emotions in check, not confiding in anyone. Yet she is able to embrace her female nurturing role modeled for her by her mother. However she remains distrustful of the male species, keeping them at arms length, because her emotional turmoil has not been dealt with. As she matures physically, she turns sexually toward another female – say Alice. Judy feels safer with Alice due to her fearfulness of male rejection. Perhaps Alice, on the other hand, has become emotionally wounded by her mother (perhaps because of what she feels is her aloofness or indifference or condescension of her), but feels some love from her father. She attributes her mother’s lack of attention toward her as due to her sex. So she gradually adopts her father’s male identify as her own, and allows her recessive masculine traits to usurp her lead feminine role forcing it into the background.  As she matures physically, she turns sexually toward another female – say Judy – whose female traits are still dominant. Alice feels safer acting as a male with Judy because in the female role she had increasingly felt she was worth less. And thus, the same could be true for males. This is a simplistic theory. There are many other extenuating circumstances. And many times such gender wounds lead children, not into homosexuality, but heterosexual immorality. But that’s another article.  There are also congenital exceptions such as rare cases when a child is born with both sets of genitalia, or accidents or medical conditions have caused the removal of obvious distinctions. This article does not speak to such cases. But when it comes to gender confusion, you get the picture. The father or mother may have said words they thought were helpful, but in fact had the opposite affect on the child. And it’s not words alone: body language, tone, and attitude also play a part. Sometimes it’s the way the father berates the mother or the way the mother belittles the father. Sometimes it’s not what is said, but what is never said, like failing to reaffirm a child who struggles with body image. Sometimes a child perceives one or both parents as treating siblings of the opposite sex more favorable than his sex. And vise-versa. And sometimes neither parent has time for the child.

            What do I mean by a wound? We all know what physical wounds are. If eight-year-old Tommy is stick-fighting with eight-year-old Jake, and Tommy swings and hurts Jake’s six-year-old brother, Joey, unintentionally, but is unaware because he is so focused on his interacting with Jake, Joey may be left with a red welt on his arm and tears coming down his cheek. Depending on the relationship, Joey may think it was deliberate. And maybe it was. If it happens a second time Joey may be even more convinced, especially if Tommy who inflicted the pain and his brother Jake say nothing to alleviate his doubts. Joey may be afraid to say something to Tommy or Joey, and may conceal his emotional wounds. And so it is with gender issues.

            Many times parents are in emotional pain themselves within their own adult relationships, too distracted to see the needs of their children. Many of us unknowingly allowed the estrangement of our children because we were never completely healed from our own wounds that we blamed on our parents or others. Take for example, Dan. The disconnect Dan experienced with his own father had created a disconnect with his son, John, who was now a young adult. Dan realized in time his need to be emotionally honest with his own father – even if the relationship never mended completely – if he didn’t want to see the pattern repeated in his son’s life. We need to be healed of our own pain if we don’t want to inflict pain on our offspring. That may involve taking a close inventory of how we engage with others in order to see clearly what is going on emotionally in our children’s lives. So many of us as parents have failed our children in important ways. This is why it is critical to heed God’s warning: “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger.” Unapproachable fathers are insensitive fathers. So are domineering fathers whose focus is self-centered instead of family-centered. But I believe mothers are included here also, many for not interceding on their child’s behalf. Others when they take on the dominant role within the family. What parents need to watch for is change in the child’s behavior. Has the child withdrawn, become apathetic, angry? Is the child trying too hard to please? These are telltale signs that should reach a parent’s radar screen. What’s critical is not the child’s will, but his spirit. Is it broken? Parents must take ownership for their part in the parent/child relationship.

            What can parents do to prevent their children from choosing the homosexual lifestyle? If our children are still young and tender, we need to be observant of them as they interact with others. This is a part of parenting. I know of one grandparent of a four-year old boy named Brian who loved to play the game of Cooties. For three months he usually chose first the green or blue or orange body and head on his turn if given the chance, picking the pink if that was his only option. Grandma first chose the pink, and then one of the other colors. And of course she picked out the ribbon for the top of cootie’s head. But then Brian’s behavior started to change. He started to first pick the pink body and head, then fought relentlessly for the ribbon rather than the hat or rabbit ears he used to pick. Grandmother’s first reaction was to tell him he was a boy and that he should first pick one of the other colors. (Grandma’s from the old school.) She of course got nowhere with that. But she knew her daughter and her son-in-law and their tendency to put themselves first ahead of their son’s best interests. So Grandma changed her strategy knowing Brian had quite an imagination, and next asked, “Is this your sister Judy? as she pointed to the pink cutie. “No,” he replied quickly. “Oh, is this your little girlfriend?” said Grandma. “No, she’s not my girlfriend,” he answered indignantly. “This is me. I’m her.” Grandma was shocked. What was going on inside Brian’s head? Then she looked into Brian’s eyes kindly and said in a soft gentle voice, “Do you think Mommy would love you more if you were a girl? She knew immediately she was leading the witness and made up her mind not to do that again. But as soon as she said it, Brian looked up at his grandmother sadly with his big blue eyes and said meekly, “Yes.” Grandma wasn’t expecting this answer. What a heartbreaking moment. She then quickly explained that Mommy would not love him more if he were a girl because Mommy wanted a boy. She then proceeded to tell him that when we are born we come out with boy parts or girl parts. And that it is God who determines what we are to be. Brian looked up at Grandma sadly and said, “Can God take these parts out of me?” Wow, that was disheartening. “No, Brian. He wouldn’t want to. He wanted you to be a boy. And your Daddy and Mommy wanted you to be a boy. And so do Grandpa and I. We love girls too, and we have a girl, but now we are glad you were born a boy.”  Grandma asked Mommy to have a talk with Brian and reaffirm her love for him. She asked her to let him hear her words of how glad she was to have a boy. Mommy didn’t think any of this mattered, but did have a nice talk with Brian. And for now that was all it took. Brian felt better about himself after that. And he no longer fought over the pink cootie.

            That’s not to say that a child has no ownership in the relationship, especially as she gets older. If a girl hides the fact that something is bothering her, the parent may not know there’s a problem until it reaches a crisis. But at this stage it takes longer to resolve. Perhaps a mother – in her attempt to correct undesirable behavior in her daughter – attacks the core of the daughter’s self-image as she lashes out in anger rather than solely addressing the unacceptable behavior her daughter is displaying. The daughter may feel devastated by her mother’s words, but try not to show it. Then a similar episode may occur a few months later over the same undesirable behavior. But by now the daughter has started reacting, not to what her mother is saying about her behavior, but to what she thinks her mother is saying about her self-worth. Her mother’s repeated words only seem to reinforce what she thinks her mother really thinks of her: that she is worth less because of her sex. Such episodes repeat themselves to the point that the child becomes ever-increasingly sensitive to the message she believes is being spoken; her mother unaware her words are being interpreted in a way she never intended.

            Sometimes children do not express their hurt feelings because they find the parent emotionally distant and are too fearful to approach. Mustering courage can be difficult. And even attempting such an approach may not bring the desired resolution right away, if at all. In such cases children might say something like this: “Mom, this is what I hear you saying. (Then paraphrase to your mother what you think she is saying to you.) Then say something to this effect: “When you say this, it makes me feel like I don’t matter. You don’t say these things to Tommy or Joey. And they do the same things. You say you love me as much as you love them, but I don’t feel like you do. If I were a boy, would you love me more?” There, you’ve said it. And you’ve said it in such a way that you aren’t blaming your mother. You are seeking clarification and making her aware of the emotional impact her manner of engaging with you is having on you. She may now be in shock. She may be angry that you think such things. But you have opened up your heart to let your mother back in. And even if she doesn’t take it to heart, it doesn’t mean she won’t think about it later or the next time she speaks to you.

          It may be that one or both parents set no boundaries whatsoever as to what is permissible for a boy or for a girl to do. That is not to say that boys and girls can’t have common ground. Women down through the centuries have been restricted from doing normal activities. Forced to wear excessive clothing, the binding of their feet so they wouldn’t grow as big and thus restrict their movement, having to ride on a side saddle when participating in a fox hunt are just some such examples. Boys have been restricted from doing normal activities as well: some told never to cry or show much emotion, especially fear, or never to help out their mother with domestic work.  Just as role reversal is an extreme, so is total separation of the sexes. Beware of such extremes. There are no hard, fast rules for male and female behavior. But we do know from scripture that boys should look and dress like boys, and girls should look and dress like girls. (Deut. 22:5) When you can’t tell that a boy is a boy or a girl is a girl, the line has been crossed.

      What should parents do whose children have already endorsed the gay lifestyle? Such parents, like their child, have been dealt a wound; a huge wound that cuts like a knife. This truly is a difficult time for you. If you support your child’s decision, you condone what God does not. And although you still love your child, he must know you cannot support his lifestyle. He has become a prodigal son.

            You will now go through phases:




You may feel despair. But you’ll get over it. This is now a time of reflection. You will find yourself going over your past with a fine toothcomb. “Where did I go wrong?” you will ask. “How could this happen? you will cry. While you’re at it, this would be the time to confess your sins of commission and omission. Each parent may even feel that the other spouse contributed more to their child’s choosing this alternate lifestyle. Stay with the part you played in your own unhealthy spousal relationship and reflect on how together you failed to bring up this child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  You will start to see that many of the ways in which you engaged with this child were unhealthy. Perhaps you were too critical, too judgmental, not encouraging or building him up in a positive fashion. Perhaps he was too different from you in personality and you couldn’t understand him. This is now an opportunity for you to grow emotionally yourself. You may see the need to change the manner in which you engage not only this son or daughter but everyone else as well. Perhaps the prodigal became the scapegoat in the dysfunctional nuclear family. And the nuclear family may have continued the destructive cycle from previous generations. You have the opportunity to break this cycle. And it now begins with you. You always wanted a closer walk with God. Now you can have it. God can turn a curse into a blessing, but never if it’s built upon unbelief.




Following Phase I (for this too shall pass.), the goal now becomes how to win back the heart of the child to God. The Bible says, “The prayer of a righteous man (or woman) avails much.” To be righteous is to believe God at his word. If we are not righteous, the situation we now find ourselves in may be the catalyst to get us to that point. As we pray we can be assured that both the Holy Spirit within us is interceding on our behalf, while Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father interceding from the throne room in Heaven. Fasting to the degree we are able is also paramount. We are dealing in spiritual warfare. And although God will woo, He will never override the will of a person. 


Phase III


Phase III deals with opportunity. Yes, prayer is so important. But prayer alone is insufficient. We need to wait upon the Lord for opportunities to engage in honest dialogue with the child we love and lost. God works in movement that requires faith on our part. If we do not step out, in faith believing, God will not move on our behalf. Initially dialogue will not be about the lifestyle our child chose — for she will not be able to hear your words concerning it. But dialogue should be about the fractured relationship between the two or three of you. Some of us will see a miraculous transformation. Others may not live to see such a deliverance. But God is faithful. He will continue to woo our offspring, even till their dying breath.

           As healing begins between parents and offspring, there may occur a loosening of the stronghold this alternative lifestyle has on this grown son or daughter. We as parents are only responsible for our attempts to rectify our part in the hurt. We must then leave the burden with Him who loves our children more than we ever could. For ultimately the grown son or daughter is responsible for the choices he or she continues to make.


            These are just a few examples of how the subconscious takes on a twisted reality. But there is always hope for those who want healing and wholeness. We are to love those who are actively engaged in the homosexual lifestyle, but we can never condone the practice. Civilizations that do have always been destroyed in time. The lifestyle of the homosexual couple leads to a dead end. The physical ramification is that they can produce no offspring. But more than this, the spiritual ramification is eternal death.



Copyright © 2008 Jan True













The 2008 Presidential Election: Whom will you vote for?

October 16, 2008

The 2008 Presidential Election: Whom will you vote for?


The election is just days away with many of us living in fear of the outcome. Many of us have lost faith in our leaders. We don’t know what to believe anymore. Physical and economic disasters astound us. Who is the man who can stand at the helm and steer us to safety? Who is the man who has our best interest at heart?


I don’t recall previous presidential election campaigns where the voter needed to research much of what came out of a candidate’s mouth. But today we need Fact Check services to verify truth in their speeches. We have also become desensitized to distortion and exaggeration as part of the norm, as well as character assassination. This isn’t what our country needs. What our country needs is a president who will walk with wise men and deal justly and seeks truth? One who does not speak with deceit, has no hidden agenda, and is not greedy for gain? Do any of these presidential candidates qualify?  


God had blessed the people of this great nation abundantly. But now that we have grown full and fat, we have turned away from Him believing that we ourselves, the created, have caused ourselves to profit. We have turned from the Creator, throwing off His restraints, and establishing our own standard of what is right and wrong, allowing stubbornness and rebellion to take root. Now extremists, who have seared their conscience, want to push what God calls evil to be legalized as good. Because we offered little resistance, our lives hang in the balance.    


It is my contention that no matter who becomes president of these United States, God will still be weeping, and His judgment will continue to go forth. “Acknowledge your sin and return to Me,” He pleads. But instead, the Democrats point to the Republicans and the Republicans point to the Democrats, exclaiming, “It’s there fault we’re in this mess! The two camps are polarized and ready for divorce. But what does God have to say about this? First, He calls each party to repent of it’s own sins. What one party does blatantly the other does in secret. Each party needs to look at how it collectively has contributed to the degeneration of our nation. Then after it takes the log out of its own eye, it can see clearly to help the other party see the light. But that’s not what’s happening. As we near the changing of the guard, there is no mention of God in the political speeches; no credit due His honorable name; no bended knee crying out to Him as destruction looms. King David, one of the most famous kings of all times, was not above the moral law. In fact, the Lord told David to read the scrolls daily that contained His word. Why? So that he would know how to govern his people. King David after all held the office of King, not the office of High Priest. All law was built upon moral law, first handed down by Moses.


The TV show CSI can invoke the names of Greek gods, House can show men and women praying to Buda, but how often do we see TV shows where families pray to Jesus. How often must we watch single males and females jumping out of one bed into another and rarely wholesome family sitcoms consisting of a father and mother and children? How often do any of the presidential candidates shudder and speak boldly to the public about such troubling things, realizing how far removed we are from God’s norm.


How distressed are they knowing that not only men, but also women and children are living homeless on the streets while the news media keeps us from this reality. Which of our candidates will plead the cause of the orphan or defend the rights of the poor, or not divide God’s undivided land. Which of our candidates will protect the lives of the unborn as well as the lives of the newborn. Which will protect the sanctity of marriage, or protect women against rape and children against incest? Which will enable men to provide for their families? Which candidate will treat citizens as innocent unless proven guilty, guarantee their rights rather than strip them away, protect their privacy rather than monitor their every move. I say only one type of candidate would strive to do this: one who believes that man is made in the image of God and therefore believes all are to be treated with dignity and respect. He would also be one who adheres to what has made our country blessed in prior years, adherence to the Ten Commandments. Such a candidate knows he cannot solve our nation’s problems alone, that we must return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And such a candidate will not place himself above the law. 


How can we tell if we have such a candidate? “You shall know them by their fruit” – not by their words but by their deeds. Do you believe we have a candidate like this? If so, vote for him. If not, get down on your knees. Judgment is upon us. Come Lord Jesus. 


Jan True


Copyright © 2008

Book of Life

October 12, 2008

At this very moment, danger lurks:  We are facing our presidential election.  We have two presidential and two vice presidential candidates vying for office.

On the McCain-Palin ticket, we realize we have candidates that are pro-life, no new taxes, and dedicate themselves to fight against corruption in our government.  That seems to be an honorable ticket.

On the Obama-Biden ticket, we realize we have candidates that are pro-choice, higher taxes, and dedicated to help the middle class.  This does not appear to be the most honorable ticket.

Then, why is there so much discussion about who to vote for?  We have the answer before our eyes.  Why do the polls show Obama as being ahead?  There must be a mistake.

Anyhow, regarding our relationship to the Book of Life (the one in which God judges us), we need to examine our conscience, ask God who we should vote for, and pray our candidates will meet the challenge.

Right now our economy is in a turmoil.  The housing mortgages have caused our stock market to sink to a devastating low; our country has experienced some of the worst flood damage in our history.  People are losing their jobs.  Our election this November is beset by fraud.  In other words, our country is in a mess.  Television reports are confusing.  We have difficulty recognizing truth.

There is one solution, however, even though we deny the ability of God to help us, or even deny there is a God.  That solution is prayer.  Have you tried it?  If not, why not?

When we consider this short life here on earth compared to the limitless time of life in Heaven, we ought to shout for joy and turn to obey our righteous judge, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


Del Signet

Copyright © 2008

The Gay Agenda: A Counterfeit Union

August 27, 2008

Why in this world do we have things turned 180 degrees – going the wrong way? We honor evil and discourage good. We have laws that are now protecting criminals rather than victims.


What kind of laws do we have? We protect homosexuality – giving them the rights once reserved solely for one man and one woman who have married and had children. The children were protected under our former laws, but now with homosexual couples, children have been placed in a very delicate position.


Women are now giving males surrogate rights to a child. Usually a contract is set up between a surrogate mother and a male client, and this is promoted through a monetary exchange. In other words, babies are being born, not because of the love of both parents, but because the mother is seeking money. The sperm donor is supposedly the father although both males in the partnership may donate their sperm. A surrogate mother is paid for the use of her body to carry an implanted embryo, the egg usually donated from another woman and fertilized with the client’s sperm. In some cases the surrogate will donate her own egg for an additional fee.


Who are the biological birth mothers? What happens to the birth mother if she suddenly changes her mind and wants her child?


In order to set up this particular practice of homosexuals adopting children, activists are needed to change people’s perceptions. These activists seek to break down current opposing laws and pressure legislators to indoctrinate their own ideologies, petitioning legislators to approve.


Homosexuals are determined to change our Judeo and Christian laws because they are diametrically opposed to them. They skirt the laws of God by trying to imitate marriage between a male and a female: giving one same sex partner the dominant (or male) role and the other same sex partner the supporting (or female) role. But is this not determining for themselves unwritten laws and in the process fracturing, even dismantling – brick by brick – established tenets built upon God’s authority over our government?


This is a counterfeit union! We need to reject such behavior and raise God’s standard against it.


© 2008 Dell Signet and Jan True




May 31, 2008

Is the chaos in our world causing you to be depressed? Angry? Rebellious? Worried? Frightened? Are you frightened about the Islamic threats to wipe out Great Britain first and then the U.S.?

It is time we faced the truth of the Islamic threats. We need not be afraid of them. We need to gird up our minds and start telling them the truth about their religion. Allah is not God and he never will be. Jesus is not his prophet and never will be.

 The Islamic religion is a hate inspired, egotistic inspired doctrine of rules and regulations written in the Koran by a man who thought he was the greatest asset the world could have. I don’t know how many wives he had, nor do I know much about him, but what I do know makes me wonder why anyone would even think of letting him be master over them.

 What has come out of that religion has been nothing but torture, murder, fear, anguish, hate, and a whole list of other horrible actions that defy our moral sensitivity. Although I do realize that not every Muslim is aware of the ramifications of this religion, they follow blindly.

If the United States would hold to the tenets established by our Constitution, and trust God, the creator of the universe, and all things therein, God would give the U.S. courage and strength and a way to stop the madness perpetrated by the Islamic leadership . Some say there is a peaceful section of the Muslim population that abstains from participating in such horrors. However, some of the children of the general Muslim population are being taught how to torture, how to murder, and how to blow themselves up.

 Will the United States have the courage to put forth truth of the path of righteousness? How can it? The U.S. has allowed indoctrination of devilish concepts — marriage of men with men, women with women, abortion, pornography, and many other wicked ways.

As the song goes, “We are poor little lambs who have lost our way, ba-a, ba-a, ba-a.” The whole world is on a path of destruction. Only God can restore us. But, who knows His name? And will we ask Him to come, to show us the way?

Del Signet

Copyright @ 2008